Monday, October 3, 2011

jeggings: not appalling, after all.

I'm really surprised/impressed by how far leggings have come in the past couple of years. they have gone from being awkward blue and terribly stitched (in short, looking nothing like jeans and everything like leggings that are trying to be jeans), to something that actually resembles a comfortable pair of jeans.

i finally bought my first pair of jeggings this weekend. well, two pairs. and i love them. they're comfortable and they look great. mad props, bullhead. i'm excited about this.

retail therapy/pretty things.

don't you love when you go to the mall for something specific, end up spending way too much money, and arrive home only to realize that you didn't even get what you went for?


what does one wear to a hawaiian-themed party? all of my clothes are black, white, gray, and navy. this is the predicament i found myself in at the mall. i just don't wear colors. so, i guess i inadvertently avoided the issue altogether.

BUT, exciting: many stores are placing that beloved sign outside their doors. yes, the one that reads, "additional 50% off sale items." that sign is definitely the reason i spent more than i should have. but i got some incredible deals, which makes it easy to justify.

also, i noticed a lot of the summer stuff that is being clearanced out is made up of muted and pseudo-neutral colors, making it easy to transition these pieces from summer to fall. score.

yours truly,