Friday, September 30, 2011

the little things.

i've developed an incurable addiction to pandora comedy (a somewhat recent addition to the wonder that is pandora). favorite stations include louis ck & mitch patel. love. if you don't know who they are, i strongly suggest you look them up. (if you like vulgar, sexual, blue humor, that is.)

i listen to the louis ck station for a minimum of an hour a day, and, at that rate, hearing the same jokes over and over again is inevitable. (i should point out that they never stop being funny.) BUT, occasionally, i hear something new. and the other day, i heard this:

this obviously isn't exactly the audio that is used on pandora, but it's essentially the same - you get the gist.

who knew that louis ck could smack me in the face?

i found myself taking a step back and really thinking about all the little things i completely take for granted. i was on a plane last weekend that got stalled on the runway for 30 minutes. everyone around me was throwing a fit, completely irate at the idea of arriving to their destination a mere 30 minutes later than planned. i found myself getting annoyed with being on the plane for longer than necessary, but then i remembered louis ck. i got comfortable, put on some music, and remembered how amazing it is that flying is even an option.

it feels good not to be angry.

yours truly,

blog, remember?

blogging was something i used to do on a daily basis. i think i'll start again. i will most likely embrace the tendencies of ee cummings and avoid capital letters; i dislike them. also, photo of the day? yessir.

yours truly,